Friday, October 2, 2009

Shakespeare's Globe 2

As a follow-up to our original visit to the Globe Theatre, we went to an actual production there last week. We saw As You Like It which I knew nothing about except that it was a comedy. At first it was tricky trying to follow the Olde Englishe language used, but once I stopped trying to understand all the words it was easy to follow because of the great acting, and I started picking up a few more words. It was very funny, and had singing, dancing, dirty jokes, fighting, and a happy ending - what more could you want?

We had the authentic experience of standing which wasn't too bad, although if you do this and you aren't very tall you'll need to be up the front. I had trouble seeing parts of the stage due to a person with an afro standing in front of me. Also, if you have trouble standing still for long periods of time, you should probably go for a seat, as the interval seemed to take a while to arrive.

There aren't any photos for this post, sorry -- we weren't allowed to take any, even when the stage was empty. You'll just have to make do with our previous ones.